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Subias Granite & Marble Inc

Custom kitchen stone fabrication and installation shop San jose
Custom kitchen stone countertops fabrication  and installation in bay area California
Custom kitchen atone fabrication and installation in San Jose California
Custom kitchen stone countertops fabrication and installation bay area California
Custom kitchen stone countertops fabrication  and installation in bay area California

Subias Granite


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Subia's granite provides money valued quality services of stone fabrication in San Jose, California.

We provide homeowners and designers with a wide range of artistic designs.

Isn’t your kitchen space no longer seeming functional to you?

You can always transform its functionality by investing into the stone fabricated alluring countertops coupled with the cabinets.

Subia's Granite has been improving the look of the kitchen and interior by providing its money valued services. Our professionals with their years of experience have almost worked in diverse interiors and with different materials.

So we can offer our valuable customers a sense of perspective that can transform their next project manifolds.

We provide our customers with the expanded collection of the custom kitchen countertops in the Bay area California, to choose them according to their architectural aesthetics, in addition to the marble, quartz, granite, and limestone we also have the prefabricated countertops.

Remodeling your vision for interior living:

When you handover the remodeling task in the experienced hands, then you are already halfway through. Our experienced teams can help the clients in choosing the options that suit best to their architectural and budget needs.

We have a broad array of kitchen countertops, cabinets, bathroom vanities that can accentuate the entire interior of your home. We also provide installation services of the outdoor bbq, so if you are planning for an outside bbq party in the Bay area California, we can surely help you out.

And what if you get all this at an affordable price? A fair bargain.

We help our customers to envision their dream kitchen by choosing from a large variety.

What do we offer?

We are providing

• Kitchen countertops
• Outside bbq
• Vanity tops
• Shower walls

Fabrication and installation in bay area California.

How our services are different from others?

Since the architectural business has grown much over the years, this calls for the competition.

Our work motivation and quality service make us stand out among our competitors.

Based on the reviews of our previous valuable clients, we can be the best option for you for:

Assessing the quality products:

Our store possesses all the grade A quality slabs and countertops. We trade stones from well-known manufacturers, and we proudly label the origin of the slabs and stone products. Thus providing our esteemed customers with a greater assurance of the quality of the product they are purchasing.

Particularly referring to the countertops we have in our store, all are thicker than most of the prefabricated countertops that are available in the local market. As the thickness of the countertop is the reflection of the durability.

Edge options:

We are quite flexible to work with any type of interior design, and whether you have a galley kitchen having the eased edge or you have a transitional kitchen having the miter edge, we can transform into your dream kitchen.

Surface finishes:

The surface finishing options vary as much as the stone collection varies. Among the most liked finishes are the brushed, honed, and polished.

So you can easily choose the one which complements your interior.


Along with the kitchen countertops and cabinets installation, we do offer the backsplashes. Just to ensure that customers are getting the quality stoned product in the same design and color with the matchable quality.

Reliable workmanship:

Above all comes our work ethics, where the satisfaction of the customers keeps us motivated to work. We provide a warranty on the work done by us. We strive to provide our customers with quality services while keeping in view their budgetary requirements.

Services we provide:
Certified purchasing:

We purchase stone and stoned products from well-reputed suppliers like MSI surfaces, all-natural stone, Daletile, Bedrosians.the brand name speaks for the quality.

Installation services:

We provide the installation services in ba area California. We can install the bathroom vanity top, outdoor bbq, kitchen cabinets, and countertops. Thus helping our valuable clients to create the perfect ambiance in the kitchen area.

Remodeling services:

We are as much enthusiasm as you are in helping you with your remodeling project. We provide an economical solution for transforming your home into a stylish and cozy place in the best affordable budget.

Fabrication services:

We also offer stone fabrication services. If you are customization freak, then worry nit. Create your design, and we will transform the stone into the desired design. Just complementing your remodeling ideas.

Repair and maintenance:

We also provide the repairing and maintenance service for the stones. If you just want to renovate your already existing vanity and kitchen countertops, then we surely help you out with this too.

Why us?

Although from the range of the stone product to the fabrication process, we are proving ourselves to be the best choice for you.

However, you can have the following perks by choosing us:

• Swift turnaround time. Our professionals can help you in achieving your dream kitchen in the minimum possible days.

• The unmatchable quality, we provide the grade A quality in our store from the well-reputed manufacturers.

• We provide the fabrication facility so that you can customize your kitchen and vanities. Move a step ahead to completely get satisfied with the purchase you have made.

• We provide all our services at an affordable price without putting much strain on your pocket.

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